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Financial Support Request

My School

“Courage is not the absence of fear — it is inspiring others to move beyond it.”
¯ Nelson Mandela

Village Safe Haven is BEE Compliant and has an 18A Tax Free Status.  

We are a  NON PROFIT Organisation.

The Village Safe Haven only receives 6 small government grants.  

We rely solely on donations from companies and individuals.

If you are in any way able to assist us financial and through sponsorship, this would be really appreciated.

Please email Susan with your suggestion.


Please continue to pray for the Village family.

We must have vision and we must have a purpose for our vision  


Our vision is to raise and educate orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected children.   We want to ensure that our children are cared for in loving Christ Centered homes and welcome all children and see all children for who they are, where they come from whether they are HIV / AIDS positive or not.  We believe all children should be given an equal chance.  


Our purpose is to put back normal, loving, caring, educated young adults into society.  Young men and women of excellence. We would also like to put quality time into those who will only be in our temporary care.


We cannot grow without the assistance of private donors.  We are thus pleading with the public individuals and businesses to help.

Whether the building project is done from start to finish or R 5.00 donated toward this cause, every donation is valued.



Apart from a definite anointing to do this work……

▪   We are devoted

▪   We have a special passion for what we do

▪   We have a very devoted committee behind us


A vision with a purpose...

Current Building Requirements

Financial Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship and Tax Breaks

▪  Please refer to Sections 18A of the Income Tax Act.   Deduction of donations to certain public benefits organisations.

▪  We need your sponsorship for various phases of the dedicated expansion project to house more children in a safe environment.  This expansion project needs to be supported financially, to run as a family environment.  These children need to be loved, clothed, cared for and educated to live in society as balanced and successful adults.

▪ We are now raising sponsorship to build an exit home for young men.  This urgent   need has arisen from the fact that we can no longer keep children after the age of 18 year old.  Many of our children are just not ready to leave home at 18 years   old and still need help in further education, budgeting, accommodation and taxi support until they are earning their own wages.  
Currently our exit girls go to House of Hadassah in Boksburg and they are doing an amazing job.

▪  As a corporate, we desperately need your financial support as well as your teams support if this is what you can offer.  

▪  Please note that the Village Safe Haven is BEE Compliant, has an 18A Tax Free Status and is a NON PROFIT Organisation (040-871-NPO). As an organisation (apart from small government grants only for 6 children), we rely solely on donations from companies and individuals.

What makes us so special...