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“Courage is not the absence of fear — it is inspiring others to move beyond it.”
¯ Nelson Mandela

Village Safe Haven is BEE Compliant and has an 18A Tax Free Status.  

We are a  NON PROFIT Organisation.

The Village Safe Haven only receives 6 small government grants.  

We rely solely on donations from companies and individuals.

If you are in any way able to assist us financial and through sponsorship, this would be really appreciated.

Please email Susan with your suggestion.


Please continue to pray for the Village family.


•  To provide each individual child with support he/she will need to excel to the best of their ability in school.

•  To broaden children’s frame of reference to occupations and trades.
•  To provide children with life skills (PC, research, managing finance etc.) in   preparation for life after school
•  To relieve the load on primary care givers who works with these kids on a ratio of 1:10

Our Vision is to create a sustainable learning environment with the right resources, support and individual attention for each child to learn and grow.

We are always looking for tutors who are willing to spend an hour or two per week helping kids with homework. This is an excellent way of your teens fulfilling the school community hours.  


Subjects include:






Educating The Future