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“Courage is not the absence of fear — it is inspiring others to move beyond it.”
¯ Nelson Mandela

Village Safe Haven is BEE Compliant and has an 18A Tax Free Status.  

We are a  NON PROFIT Organisation.

The Village Safe Haven only receives 6 small government grants.  

We rely solely on donations from companies and individuals.

If you are in any way able to assist us financial and through sponsorship, this would be really appreciated.

Please email Susan with your suggestion.


Please continue to pray for the Village family.

Contact Details

Physical Address: 

12 Downing Street, Ex Jo-Anne Close



South Africa




011 802 1461


The Village Safe Haven email:


Mike and Susan Harris -

The Villager newsletter email :

Please note that The Village Safe Haven is

BEE Compliant,

has an 18 A Tax Free Status and is a

NON PROFIT Organisation


As an organisation (apart from small government grants only for 6 children), we rely solely on donations from companies and individuals. If in any way you are able to assist, this would be really appreciated.

We are a Non Profit Organisation

Postal Address: 

P O Box 490



South Africa


Please remember when dropping donated items that you will be greeted by whomever is available to receive your donations.  
You will not be automatically shown around.
Should you wish an orientation visit to view the orphanage, please book an APPOINTMENT so that Mike or Susan can show you around and introduce you to the children.

Banking Details:


Please email us if you need our banking details.


We have removed them due to continual attempted fraud.

Recognition Of Our Accomplishments

We have successfully assisted with the placement and conclusion of cases of 45 babies, children, teenagers and adults.

Why are we popular with the Social Services Department and CMR?  

We offer quality care and have created homes for many children in need. We believe in quality care (love, education, biblical principles).  We pray that as we take this journey with each individual that when they are ready to leave our care and nurturing that they start their futures being young adults of excellence. The roadmap of each individual should not depend on their past but instead they should map their own futures with their own desires and dreams.