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“Courage is not the absence of fear — it is inspiring others to move beyond it.”
¯ Nelson Mandela

Village Safe Haven is BEE Compliant and has an 18A Tax Free Status.  

We are a  NON PROFIT Organisation.

The Village Safe Haven only receives 6 small government grants.  

We rely solely on donations from companies and individuals.

If you are in any way able to assist us financial and through sponsorship, this would be really appreciated.

Please email Susan with your suggestion.


Please continue to pray for the Village family.

About Us

We are a Group Foster Care Facility also acting as a Place of Safety to orphaned, abandoned and abused children.  We operate on Christian principals and values.  Please note that we are HIV/AIDS friendly but we do not prioritise the virus.  We do believe that every child in need deserves a HOME therefore we operate on a first come first served basis.  We also house children of any age under the age of 18 provided they are in need.


Our aim is to offer LOVE and QUALITY CARE in homes and as a result we are praying for and WE ARE TRUSTING THAT WE CAN PLACE YOUNG ADULTS OF EXCELLENCE BACK INTO SOCIETY.  Persons of worth who will in turn offer love and care to others as they have received it.  

Our Mission
Management & Staff

The Village is professionally run and managed. The team consists of a board of various professionals who give of their time voluntarily, a management team of senior employees, a team of house parents and caregivers that are suitably qualified. Together this team ensures that the Safe Haven operates smoothly and efficiently, meeting our overall objectives.


Our children attend the following schools:

Buccleuch Primary

Gresswold High School

Wendywood High School.

Forest Town School.

We have an independantly run pre-school / Creche on site .

Medical Care

Our HIV positive children are in an  programme which is run by the government at Alexandra Clinic


We rely on private and corporate funding.  We receive a nominal amount of government funding.  We desperately need your committed monthly donations to cover the basic monthly expenses which increase as the number of children increase.