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Financial Support Request

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“Courage is not the absence of fear — it is inspiring others to move beyond it.”
¯ Nelson Mandela

Village Safe Haven is BEE Compliant and has an 18A Tax Free Status.  

We are a  NON PROFIT Organisation.

The Village Safe Haven only receives 6 small government grants.  

We rely solely on donations from companies and individuals.

If you are in any way able to assist us financial and through sponsorship, this would be really appreciated.

Please email Susan with your suggestion.


Please continue to pray for the Village family.

Monthly Grocery Needs

Needs October 2016 (Included in Newsletter)

Children clothing needs and their sizes


Vaseline 12 x Large Jars

Cream  14 x Bottles

Toothpaste 16 x Colgate and 8 x Colgate Junior

Bath Soap 48 x Large Bars

Shampoo 14 x Colgate Type (Size)

Hair Food 25 x  Jars or Sprays

Sanitary Towels 12 x packs per month

Roll on Deo and Spray Boys 12 and Girls 12

Plaster Strips 25 pack x 4

Nappies No.5 4 x Packs

Toilet Paper 140 Rolls (2 ply)


Household Cleaning and Laundry:

Bin Bags 100

Mop x 1 and Broom x 1

Scouring sponges 10

Pot Scourers 10

Furniture Polish 4

Dishwasher 20L

Handy Andy 20L

Jik 20L

Washing Powder High Foam 32kg

Sta-Soft 16 x 750ml mix up


Baby and Toddler Needs:

Nido 1+ Formula,

Extra Large Nappies, wet wipes and poo packets,

Toddler and Baby Clothing,   

Bedding such a sheets, plastic bed liners, blankets, pillows for single beds and cots.


Staff Uniform Requirements:

Denim jean pants with a yellow T shirt.  

Sizes and staff numbers available on request from Susan.

Last updated 11/02/2014


Special Requests:

Revamping of Main House (Full Revamp)  

2 Vacuum Cleaners (Durable type)  

8 Chest of Drawers (Durable type)  

3 Lounge Suits (Durable type) 2 x 10-12 seaters 1 x 8 seater (corner units will work)  

5 x 6 – 8 Seater Garden Sets (Durable type)  

3 x Bunk Beds  

3 x Single Beds  

10 Durable Mattresses  

3 x Steam Irons (Durable)  

4 x Strong Ironing Boards  

Sewing Machine  

Overlocker (Durable)  


Cutlery Sets (durable)  

Crockery Sets (durable) 1 x 24 piece, 1 x 12 piece, 1 x 8 piece  

New kitchen knives (bread, carving, paring and peeling)  

New Pots (Durable Heavy Based)  

Petrol Assistance  

Mops, Brooms, Long Feather Dusters  

Dish Cloths  

Stationary for children and office  

Bread, Milk and Yoghurt  

Outings for children  

Holiday for children